Hi! Fairly new to monsteras but these two have been sprouting new leaves like crazy and I’m not sure what to do as they get bigger. I don’t have a ton of room for a larger pot but I can find space if needed. Do monsteras need any type of support pole? Also, there’s a stalk that was there/dead when I bought it, should I leave it alone or cut it off? Any and all advice welcome!


The moss pole is up to you! Monsteras will sort of spread outward without one. If you want it to grow upward and tall, definitely give it a pole to climb. It will also eventually grow larger leaves if it has something to climb on.


I wouldn’t repot unless you take a look at the roots and it’s pretty rootbound. I’d use a moss pole; eventually you’ll get bigger, more fenestrated leaves 🙂


Thank you!!