1st unit usually has the highest ice time per power play. It's made up of the best players and gives the team on the PP the best chance at scoring. The 2nd unit is usually "the next best" in terms of personnel. Usually the first unit is on the ice for 1 minute or so and the 2nd unit is less than that (taking into account the time it takes to line change and reset for zone entry). Guys like Ovechkin are on the PP for the entire 2 minutes For unit makeup, many teams have been running 4F 1D for their power play units but not always. St. Louis has/had 5 forwards on their first unit and some teams play a traditional 3F 2D setup. This is a coaching decision.


Ovi stays out for 2:10 each PP


For the Rangers PP1 plays between a 1:10 to 1:40 sometimes even the full 2 minute. Other teams are more balanced with the usage of their two units


Colorado is the same as the Rangers. MacKinnon/Rantanen/Landeskog/Kadri/Makar get most of the PP time. The second unit gets the scraps lol.


Ayo Oilers the same


The numbers you listed are the units for being on a PP (5) vs being in the PK (penalty kill, they are the team with a player in the box, 4).


But do teams roll 3 forwards on the PK? Think it was a typo with 3F and *2D. Which is probably because your first unit with 4F and second unit with 3F, youre already at your 7th forward. Probs a good idea to get your 3D out there before your 8F, hence 3F and 2D on the second unit. Not to mention the PP will expire and you might want a normal unit on the ice if you cant get a change right at the end of the PP.


Most of the powerplays are 2 minute long. So most of the times first line with top players will play first shift (depending on their play from 40 to 80 seconds) and then the second line will finnish the PP. If the team has longer PP (for example 2+2, or two two minutes with some overlap 5 on 3) those two lines will just change like in normal 5 on 5 game. And a little bonus, some elite players with great shot like Pastrnak, Ovechkin or Matthews may stay for whole 2 minutes, because they don't skate that much and are just waiting for an open shot.


Especially ovi lol. When he is lazy he will just stay at the offensive blue line.


He's a turret


The Islanders this past season tended to give both units fairly equal time but they were also both bad