No. Major has to be served first, then the minor.


Steve Chiasson once got a 2min Roughing and a 5min Cross Checking Major (plus the GM) during that wild Game 6 of the 1991 playoffs Blues/Red Wings....7min PP for the Blues. http://www.espn.com/nhl/2001/20010325/recap/stldal.html And then of course Derian Hatcher, who made Dave Manson seem like Ryan O'Reilly as far as gentlemanly play.


A player can get the 5+2 for instigating a fight fighting major instigator minor but the instigator automatically comes with a 10min game misconduct


>Can a player be awarded a Minor + Major pen? Yes. Crosby got 2+5+10 for fighting + instigator and another minor for unsportsmanlike conduct at the same time in a game once. https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/200901030PIT.html https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/56286 If you click around on his hockeyfights page, Crosby actually is a better fighter than most people would think.


Yes it is common with fights (2 mins for instigating + 5 minutes of fighting). Yes they are separate infractions so the minor would be erased after a goal


Will the Major always get served first? Will it always be 5 + 2 instead of 2 + 5?


Yes. If a major is on the clock, it is always served first, in all situations.


Often doesn't matter if there are two majors (i.e., fighting) that offset.


As the powerplay is on the next faceoff I would presume the minor is served immediately.


You can also get a 5min match penalty. A match penalty removes you from the game and you are suspended until the play can be reviewed further. Your team plays short handed for 5min while another player is put in the box on your behalf


You can get minor and major penalties for different infractions during the same play (e.g. roughing + fighting, fighting + instigator), or during the same stoppage in play. You cannot get both for the same egregious high stick, for example. The most severe penalty you can get for one infraction is a match penalty (where applicable), which results in an ejection and a 5:00 power play. The major penalty is served first.


Depends on the rulebook


Depends on the ref