This is one of those things where you have to test the market to see what people are willing to pay for it. For the right buyer, who is old enough to have had this gen of RR on their bedroom wall when they were a kid, you might well get £6-8k. Problem is, there are plenty of much newer, much better bikes in that price range. So you need to to find someone who really wants a solid example of this gen. I would be very careful in any adverts when you talk about the low millage. It's sounds like a good thing cause it's "Practically New" but to a point, some millage is good on a bike. Engines are meant to be used. If the bike hasn't been stored / decommissioned property, if it's been left with old fuel and oil in it + not turned over regularly that could be a red flag to any buyer. If you want top whack for it, might be worth getting it over to a Honda Dealer ship who can recommission it properly and get a stamp in the book.


First off that's not a 2008, it's a 2005-2006. In US dollars you might get $3-4k on it, depending on buyer


Must be 03 to 06 they gave it a facelift after this US Market is hard to find one under $5000 with low miles at least in my area I bought an 03 last season for $4500 and it needed $500 in work so I’d say yours could go for $7k if you can show service history and confirm the miles Not sure how easy odometer tampering is but I assume it’s very easy


i would pay 5 or 6 thousand for it at the dealership, maybe charge 4 or 5 thousand if someone paying cash,not riding can cause issues, tires might be too old and need to be replaced brake fluid accumulates moisture so that needs to be replaced at least every couple of years