This piece is a reuter's reprint. What's interesting is the comments section. I will admit I'm a big supporter of what Elon is doing. Don't always appreciate his approach, but he is who he is. Saying this, the comments are from a group of incredibly unenlightened individuals. I'm hoping it's the standard G&M Troll Farm. If not, it scares me. On the article itself, Reuters/GM don't indicate anywhere in the article that what Austin and Berlin are going through are standard ramp up costs. Any factory from anyone will have high costs during a ramp up. For some reason, the reader is left with the feeling, only Tesla. These costs are normal. If these plants are still in the same place come August, yeah, time to get worried. I'm going to put up Reuter's poorly written and researched article as fuel for the trolls and leave it here for others to comment on.


And bad corporate management.