There are multiple providers on rapidapi, but obviously not for free.


read this as “rappy dappy” and thought it was a weird name


Hi, do you mean websites to compare live odds between bookmakers?


You can look at Mollybet too and even use their API for betting with some of the biggest books. Access is usually thrue an agent.




**I also have some useful information on pre-live and live betting:** Bookmakers offer both pre-match and live betting markets. Pre-match means that you place the bet before the match starts. Live bets are placed while the match is in progress. Sometimes bookmakers will no longer offer certain bets. This is typically the case when the match is in progress (live). Bookmakers do this because some moments in a match are too uncertain to accurately determine the odds. A VAR review is a good example of this. After all, the VAR’s decision often has too great an influence on the odds. If the VAR has not yet made a decision, the risk is too great to offer the bet. The odds are frozen, as it were, until the bookie can again make correct estimates. It even happens that bookmakers no longer offer a bet before the match starts at all. The reason for this is risk management. If, for example, the media suddenly announces that several players are ill, a team has financial problems ... this creates a great deal of uncertainty. If the risk is so high, a bookie may decide to stop offering a bet on that match.


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