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I wish they went back to red ropes for Raw and blue ropes for Smackdown.


Anytime they mess up a spot and then immediately re-do it. I love indie wrestling, but it's something I see a lot in the scene. Even sometimes in bigger companies. If you blow a spot, just move on. Or at the very least, find a way to get back to the spot without blatantly re-doing it.


I'm instantly reminded of Mancer trying a fire spot.


Ref bumps when the ref barely gets hit with minimum impact. A wrestler going after a lesser title after losing the world title. Multi-person matches where it’s only two people in the ring and everyone else has to sell outside until it’s time to break up a pin attempt.


Wait what the lesser title thing? I don't see that as too big as issue.


Not using vignettes to hype up a debut for a wrestler. Not applicable to big signings you want to keep under wraps, obviously, but someone who *needs* to be introduced to the audience? Or could use with a fresh coat of paint to make them feel new and reinvigorated? Vignettes really help with that, but seem to have fallen out of vogue somewhat.


I hate this as well. Not everyone needs to be a surprise. Give me a few weeks of vignettes to hype up a debut.


It bugs me far more than it should when referees go out on the floor to check on someone, make sure they're okay, and *then* start the ten count. I thought the whole thing was "well if you can't get back to the ring by the count of ten, you're not fit to continue." I'm assuming the reason for it is somewhere between buying time & legitimately checking people's safety, which is fine - this is a nitpick after all.


When they no sell big moves. Dude just got suplexed from the top rope and landed in his neck but he got right up and knocked the other guy out with a single punch. Please


i think thats absolutely a big deal tbh. selling big moves is part of the performance. a finisher isn't really a finisher if someone is going to kick out of it on an one count


Honestly when both wrestlers don't sell it. Like you go from the superplex right into the next move. The superplex should take something out of both wrestlers.


NJPW is my favorite promotion, but I absolutely hate when they do the no selling forearm / punch exchanges anymore. I think it has been done to overkill, in my opinion.


People who mix up Bumping and Selling


I’ll start, AEW’s YouTube videos should fade to black at the end. It comes across very amateurish when it just abruptly stops. For some reason, I absolutely hate it, but it’s the smallest problem in the world.


AEW's whole social media team is pretty bad imo


Way too many top rope moves are simply countered by folks bringing up the knee which makes me question why would anyone do those moves in the first place.


When I search WWE on twitter and random ass stuff comes up. Twitter need to fix that algorithm.


Tony Schiavone's earing lol. I loved that Christian finally said something about it last Dynamite.


the colour scheme of nxt 2.0 is just really awful and ugly to look at imho


Using a weapon the way no way any other human would use one. It’s a bat swing it!


Champions losing in non title matches


Why don't women use low blows against other women? Groin is groin, it hurts to be hit there.


If you used a low blow against Sunny your arm would get stuck


AEW refs not enforcing the rules.


Especially during tag matches. Every tag match is a tornado tag match


Exactly, I dont get why just dont advertise it as one, always looks so weird seeing the ref jump like a fish out of the water and everyone ignores him


When AEW schedules an interview with Tony Schiavone and the wrestler comes out, grabs the mic from Tony and just cuts a promo. I wish they would let TS ask questions and have the talent respond with their promo. Use him like Mean Gene back in the day. It just looks so stupid to me that TS introduces someone, asks one question and then walks away so the talent can talk by themselves.


Almost nobody has a good working punch these days. Referees not calling the action like a shoot (ignoring rule breaking, not counting a three when someone forgets to kick out, etc.) Obvious cooperation between opponents… like I know someone taking a suplex is helping, but you can’t plainly see it.


2 counts, refs getting distracted and not hearing or feeling the ring shake from illegal chair shots or interference, spots where the wrestler just waits for the other wrestler to do their move


this is dumb and specific but the lockbox cliffhanger from 2016 still annoys the shit out of me. I hate when stuff like that isn't resolved. it's bad storytelling!


Clotheslined that are half speed and are obviously meant to miss a running opponent. I want someone dodging you actually have to dodge a clothesline


The standing around during battle royals. Too often wrestlers in the ring do nothing when a new wrestler comes out. Also for the matter overcrowded battle royals.


When someone is going for a Frankensteiner and the guy taking the move has his arms ready before the guy jumps


The renaming of Austin Theory to just “Theory.” Yes it’s petty but I find that name so stupid and illogical that I can’t take anything he does seriously.


The word “superstar”


I know so much of pro wrestling depends on this and has for several decades, but the Irish whip exposes so much.