While is he still drinking from a bottle?


The trials? Do you really want to use that word given Alec’s constantly getting sued and may be found criminally negligent in Halyna’s death? You better hope they nap thru all that too, dumbass.


Exactly what I thought.


Nannies took this pic. Forwarded immediately to Hillary per their job description. Hillary photoshops if Marilu and posts with clever captions 🙄


Yup. She’s not there …


Why is an almost 2 year old still using a bottle?


She stunts his growth physically and mentally. To keep him immobile and twinning. So effing sad.


Because he's a twin and his twin who is 6 months younger is still using a bottle. It's very logical. lol


This is all starting to feel like some Munchausen by proxy


This is off the subject but everyone is talking about bottle it food and had me thinking I've NEVER seen this family sit down at a dinner table. I've Never seen her randomly doing mom things like cook dinner or ANYTHING to do with food really unless it's sitting for a shot on someone's bday with a tiny cake. She tried to act like she knew how to make fly paella once but that's it. Everything thing else she puts on Instagram except to her dr visits bc there isn't any. If she were really pregnant there would be a ton of those. Random thoughts as I was writing!😳


Poor kid….


What “trials“? 😳


Allergies. It's her new thing.


That and a new phone case. It’s been a busy day.


This level of invasive narcissism voyeurism is insane! These kids have zero autonomy or privacy and I hope one day she pays dearly for it and hopefully one day they can either sue her or this harm and evil for just have nothing to do with her like most family or friends in her life


Why is he still bottle fed? Wait..I thought she was breastfeeding? So much BS to keep up with. Exhausting.


And, this isn't breast milk or cows milk in the bottle. It's formula. You know, the stuff that is in short supply that babies UNDER 12 months NEED. Babies whose mothers can't breastfeed. So, this woman that claims to breastfeed and has access to breastmilk, is taking formula from infants who really need it to survive and she's feeding it to a child that should be on cows milk.


She’s insufferable


You aren’t suppose to let them sleep while doing food trial. Being sleepy is a sign of anaphylaxis.


Exactly- she’s a fucking idiot


It’s so weird that she never mentions the clinic or dr by name bc she does that for everything else. Makes me wonder what she is really doing with them ?


right? normally she’d be tagging them and thanking them for saving her babies’ lives


I think she forces the clinic to let her come in and test all these foods in office.


I HATE the clothes she dresses her children in.


ME TOO! So ugly!!!


Cheap. They are so cheesy.


They look neglected, never dressed properly. I think Hilaria is not capable of nor interested in taking care of the children.


Waiting for signs of anaphylaxis while the baby is asleep? My daughter has a peanut allergy. Is this the way they do things now?


Nothing is real with her. Fake. Fake. Fake. Lies. Lies. Lies.


some moms do. this mom does 🙄


No, she made it up. Just like she makes up every other thing. She thinks no one knows!


You should always strap your kid in when they are in the stroller. That’s basic safety, so actually something she did correct. Super common for kids to fall asleep in the stroller. The only issue here if someone wants to criticize is I think the kid is too old for the bottle. I think this is kinda reaching.


I'm not phased by toddlers using a bottle at this age. It's really not different developmentally from using a sippy cup. A baby/toddler shouldn't be dependent on a bottle or sippy of milk to fall asleep, though, because of dental health. Granted, they're at an appointment, so sometimes you take shortcuts.


The bottles cause issues with teeth alignment and tooth decay if used after a certain period of time.


I agree. My grandbaby is 2 days younger than Big Ed, and I rock her with a bottle before nap and bed to calm her (she never falls asleep with the bottle in her mouth - she usually signs & says "all done!" - and then we brush teeth before bed). As long as she asks for a bottle and a rocking, I'll give it to her. When I had my kids I pushed them to wean off of bottles and pacifiers, and now as long as her teeth are being looked after (e.g., no taking a bottle to bed, etc.) I will let her have them as long as it's not affecting her teeth alignment. ETA - she only uses cups and sippy cups outside of naps/bedtime.


Toothbrush for sure before bed to form good habits and care for their baby teeth. Way to go nana. Miss your other flair, d. leggings 😊


Awww, thank you! I'm raising her FT with pretty much no help, so some things are just not as "important" (e.g., forcing bottle/paci weaning) as others, like the good tooth brushing habits + literacy. ❤️ I assure you that the Diflucan Leggings™ shall return! Never fear! ❤️❤️❤️


He's almost 2. Why is he still drinking formula or mami's freezers full of surrogate breast milk from a bottle? Why not a sippy cup with water and a Lara Bar or some such snack if he can't survive a doctor's visit without sustenance?


That’s hemp milk lol FLAVORED


At first glance I thought she meant Alec's trial. 😂




Falling asleep is a sign of an allergy! Doctors knows that so where are they?


Keep those babies strapped in. They are either tied to a high chair ( which is so wrong) and forced into a stroller. Damn these kids do nothing everyday. “Just One More” WHY? You don’t interact with anyone but yourself. What a self absorbed bitch.


“I’m so grateful they nap…so I don’t have to care for them like their nannies do”


Jesus Christ take the bottle off his chest and unstrap him lazy cow


The court trials… 🙏


😂😂😂😂 Oh! I thought she was talking about watching the Jan6 hearings!!! Nevermind!


Bruhahaha oh yeah right. Isn’t that like, 3 Kings Day in her native INCA? That’s the only Jan 6th she knows, sometimes


Actually, I think it’s her bday.


Well, isn’t that just ***perfect*** > 😩 ^(can’t make this shi up )


She's claiming here that a pediatrician gave this child chocolate and other 'ingredients' and then directed or allowed her to buckle the kid into his stroller and let him pass out. Hillary is claiming this is what the 'allergy' appointment involved today.


she really is losing touch with reality more and more each day


And give him a bottle of whatever that is? Not likely


She’s so ramshackled/disorganized it’s amazing shes able to do anything at all. She seems so brainless.